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I’m Chelsea Zettler and I am the lady behind the lens. I’m stationed in little ole’ Sesser, Illinois, where everybody knows everybody. I specialize in senior photography but enjoy photographing women of all ages, as well as their gorgeous families. The reason I do what I do is, I love making women of all ages see just how beautiful they are. It’s so important for a women to feel confident in her skin. Especially those young women who are about to embark on the huge adventure of life after high school. A confident women can do anything she puts her mind to and that’s why I’ve made it my mission to spread confidence through my photography.

When I’m not behind the camera or sitting at the computer editing, you can find me hanging with my very own little ladies and my handsome husband/photography partner. We’re “running through fire” with two toddlers, just 22 months apart. Some call us crazy for having them so close. And, we mostly agree! My family is the glue that holds all of my crazy together, though. And trust me, it’s a lot of crazy!