The Chelsea Rae Photography spokesmodel team is a group of local high school seniors that represent the face of Chelsea Rae Photography for the last half of their junior year and the duration of their senior year. Spokesmodels are chosen through an application process and receive countless perks, including participation in photoshoots, digital images to share on social media, complimentary hair and makeup, group activities and events, cash bonuses, styled shoots and more!

This spokesmodel team is an exciting and highly-anticipated opportunity for many local seniors. Representatives are chosen based off of their involvement in their community, outgoing personalities, dedication to the Chelsea Rae Photography brand, and excitement about their senior year!

Below you will find some frequently asked questions about the team.

What does a Spokesmodel do?

Pretty much what you’re already doing everyday- You’ll earn referrals by talking to your friends, having fun, and chatting about your photos! You’ll also participate in social media challenges to unlock freebies! Oh, and you’re going to get some cool stuff to show off too!

What’s in it for you?

All Chelsea Rae Photography Spokesmodels receive a free styled model photo session, including hair styling and makeup application. Additional free model sessions, excluding hair styling and makeup application, will be offered throughout the year. The photos from these sessions are for Chelsea Rae Photography’s use for advertisement and promotion.

Spokesmodels will also be featured on social media, often.

Spokesmodels will receive their own marketing kit to help them earn referrals. This kit will include Chelsea Rae Photography attire, a Chelsea Rae Photography tote, and a personalized digital referral card. Spokesmodels will also receive a VIP discount to use at The Pin Up Salon for 10% off services.

As an added bonus, all Spokesmodels will receive their 2 hour senior session for free! That’s a 2 hour session, 30-35 proofs to choose gorgeous prints and products from and a Senior Experience Film (behind the scenes video-slideshow of your session) just for being a part of the Spokesmodel team! That’s a $200 dollar value alone!

Spokesmodels must respect my copyright.  Any misuse of my copyrighted images such as scanning, printing, editing, removing of my logo, or cropping out my name from the images will result in an immediate termination of spokesmodel status and forfeiture of all credits, incentives, and deposits.

What’s the investment?

I know you’re thinking… What is this going to cost me?

There is a one-time fee of $250 to become a Spokesmodel for Chelsea Rae Photography. This fee ensures that all of my Spokesmodels are serious about their job and representing Chelsea Rae Photography. It also allows me to invest in props and activities for the team throughout the year.

Value of Spokesmodel Team Membership
$200 Senior Session with Senior Experience Film
$300+ Model Sessions
$70 Hair and Makeup for Styled Model Session
$60+ Marketing Kit
Total Value: $630+
Your Savings: $380+

What do you get when you score a referral?

For every referral your Spokesmodel earns, they’ll receive 100 points! Referrals are associated to each Spokesmodel by the use of their own custom coupon (referral card mentioned above). Referrals must show their coupon, at the time of booking, to count as a referral. Referrals do not count as a referral until they have booked and paid for a full-length (not applicable for sessions less than one hour) session with Chelsea Rae Photography. Referrals/rewards will continue until the Spokesmodel’s graduation date.


Spokesmodels will be rewarded for their referrals and any contests or challenges that they participate in via a point system. Below is a breakdown of how each scenario will be rewarded.

1 Referral = 100 points

200 points = $20
400 points = $20
600 points = $20
800 points = $50
1000 points = $100

Additional referrals can be earned throughout the year by participating in various social media challenges such as the examples below.

Completion of T-Shirt Scavenger Hunt = 100 points
Testimonial Post on Social Media = 20 points per post (max 100 points)
Wearing T-Shirt to Large Events = 20 points per post (max 100 points)

Think you’ve got what it takes?

If you’re a junior who will be graduating in 2019, who’s not afraid to talk to your friends about your senior photo experience, you qualify! Just fill out the application form below! Once all the applications are in, they will all be thoroughly reviewed, interviews will be conducted, and a select few will be chosen to represent Chelsea Rae Photography. I only accept 2 to 3 Spokesmodels from each school, so get your application in ASAP!

Good luck and thanks for your interest in the Chelsea Rae Photography Senior Spokesmodel Program